Austell, Georgia

Located in Cobb County on the northwest outskirts of the Atlanta metro, the small town of Austell provides a rural retreat for those who prefer the quieter suburban life of shady oak-lined streets while remaining within driving distance all that Atlanta has to offer.


Austell was first inhabited by hunters and trappers who found the area to be an optimal hunting ground for game drawn to the nearby salt licks. The area later came to be known as Salt Springs after its mineral springs, long valued for their medicinal properties, and the town became a haven for those seeking treatment. (Water from Lithia Springs is still bottled and sold in area establishments.) When the town was later chosen as the site of a railroad depot as the division point for the Chattanooga and Birmingham rail lines, the name was changed to Austell after General Alfred Austell, the man credited with spearheading the effort.


The population of Austell was 6782 as of 2012, with a median household income of approximately $43,000 per year. Home prices in Austell are among the metro’s more affordable, with median home values at just over $138,000. Over 30 percent of Austell’s homes were built in the past 15 years, with most properties in town built after 1970. Coveted areas include the Floyd neighborhood and the city center.


Public schools in and around Austell are operated by the Cobb County School District, which tests above the state averages. Two public elementary schools and one middle school lie within the city limits, as well as several private schools.


Austell is still known as a health resort community, drawing many people to local hotels to enjoy the medicinal benefits of its spring waters. Additionally, the Six Flags over Georgia amusement park is situated just outside the city, drawing thousands of visitors per year.