Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

Aptly nicknamed “The Beverly Hills of the East,” the Buckhead area in north Atlanta comprises one of the most prosperous business centers of the Southeast, offering plenty of upscale shopping, dining, art galleries and entertainment—not to mention some of Atlanta’s most coveted residential neighborhoods.


The Buckhead area was first settled under the name “Irbyville” in the late 1830s, after Henry Irby purchased land near an intersection of the now-famous Peachtree Boulevard and set up a store and tavern there. The area came to be called “Buckhead” after Irby reportedly killed a large buck and mounted the head in a permanent place, and the moniker stuck despite several attempts over the years to change it. Eventually, Buckhead became a vacation spot for wealthy Atlantans in the 1880s, and since Atlanta grew to encompass the area, it has remained one of the most affluent parts of town.


The Buckhead area is home to roughly 80,000 people, encompassing over 40 neighborhoods. The median household income rests at around $300,000 per year, making Buckhead one of the wealthiest places in the nation. Predictably, this area offers many large mansions among its housing (the Governor’s Mansion is also located in Buckhead), along with numerous luxury apartments and condos. The highest home values can be found in the northern and western neighborhoods.


Public schools in Buckhead are operated by Atlanta Public Schools. Additionally, both the University of Georgia and Georgia State University operate campuses in Buckhead associated with their respective Colleges of Business.


Buckhead is particularly known for its shopping areas, not only in the form of several shopping malls, but also a large number of upscale boutiques. The highest concentration of shopping and dining can be found around the intersections of Peachtree, Lenox and Piedmont, anchored by popular shopping malls Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square. Additionally, Buckhead offers plenty of nightlife options (including Andrews Entertainment District), luxury hotels, art galleries, and larger entertainment venues like Chastain Park Amphitheatre.