Powder Springs

Powder Springs, Georgia

Quiet, family-oriented, and situated a half-hour’s drive from the heart of Atlanta, the suburban community of Powder Springs, Georgia offers a variety of great homes at modest prices for those who prefer a small-town feel while remaining close to the best of the Atlanta metro.


The area around Powder Springs was first settled in the 1820s by fortune-seekers looking for gold, but finding little. The land was first occupied by Cherokee who eventually became part of the forced migration to Oklahoma via the Trail of Tears. First named Springville in 1838 due to the seven springs discovered in the area, the town was later named Powder Springs because the black sand on the banks of the springs resembled gunpowder.


Powder Springs is home to just over 14,000 people, the median age being around 36 years old. The town prides itself as a great place to raise children, and many young families have found a home here. The real estate consists mostly single-family dwellings, with a few older homes, but most having been built since the 1970s. The median home value is around $121,000, with homes being slightly more expensive on the west and north sides of town. (Homes in these areas also currently have the best appreciation rates.)


Public schools in Powder Springs are operated by the Cobb Country School District, which tests above the state average. There are two public high schools in town, along with three middle schools and seven elementary schools.


Powder Springs prides itself on its pedestrian-friendly downtown area, with numerous shopping and dining options and a number of historic buildings. Other attractions include the Seven Springs Museum and the town’s numerous parks and walking trails.