Roswell, Georgia

Located about a half-hour north of Atlanta, the city of Roswell, Georgia combines a rich history with some of the most coveted real estate in Georgia, prompting CNN to add it to its 2010 list of Top 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.


Roswell grew up around a cotton mill established by Roswell King in the 1830s. Roswell Mill was built and operated by slave labor, and as one of the most prosperous businesses in the South during Civil War days, became a natural target for Sherman’s March to the Sea. Upon occupying the area, Sherman’s men shipped the slaves north in order to prohibit the mill from operating, then eventually burned the mill down. After the war, Roswell’s son Barrington rebuilt the mill, although the area struggled economically for many years afterward.

Originally part of Cobb County, Roswell was ceded to Fulton County in the 1930s for economic reasons during the Great Depression. Since that time, Roswell has seen a rebirth of prosperity and steady growth.


The current population of Roswell is estimated at over 93,000, representing an 18 percent increase over the past decade. Roswell is one of Georgia’s more affluent communities, with the median home value sitting at around $265,000, well above the state average. The most affordable homes (in the mid-$100,000 range) can be found on the eastern side of town, while the more expensive ($300’s and up) are located on the south and north ends of Roswell. While a few historic dwellings are present, most homes in the area were built after 1970. Appreciation rates are fairly high throughout the city.


Public schools in Roswell are operated by Fulton County Schools, a highly rated school system testing above the state average.


The historic district of Roswell offers a variety of eclectic shopping and dining options. The town also boasts several historical landmarks, including numerous plantations, old cemeteries and Civil War landmarks. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area along Vickery River, as well as the town’s numerous parks and trails.