Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs, Georgia

Located just north of the I-285 Perimeter, Sandy Springs, Georgia affords some of the best upscale suburban living in the Atlanta metro area while offering relatively low tax rates to its residents. As a result, Sandy Springs has become one of the most coveted areas to live in the state, especially among young professionals and the upwardly mobile.


Settlement of Sandy Springs began in the 1840s near the spring from which the town derives its name. the old Austin-Johnson House still stands along Johnson’s Ferry Road as the city’s oldest house, built in 1845. The Sandy Springs community resisted incorporation for many years, successfully thwarting annexation by Atlanta on several occasions. The town finally voted for incorporation as an independent city in 2005, making it the sixth largest city in Georgia.


Sandy Springs is home to over 94,000 people, having grown nearly 16 percent since the 2000 census. Much of the population is comprised of young professionals, with over half the population being single. The median home value of Sandy Springs is among highest in the state (over $400,000), with over 10 percent of homes in the area valued at $850,000 or higher. However, a fair number of homes in town can be purchased near $200,000 and up. While most homes in the area were built after 1970, there are some magnificent older homes to be found, as well. Among the more popular residential areas in Sandy Springs are Glenview, Hammond Hills and Riverside.


Public schools in Sandy Springs are under the oversight of the highly rated Fulton County Schools system, which tests well above the state average.


As Sandy Springs remained unincorporated for so many years, its downtown area has been fairly undefined. However, the city recently approved a master plan to develop the City Center area into a pedestrian-friendly area for shopping, dining, recreation and entertainment. On the southern edge of the city near I-285 is the Perimeter Center, an expansive area for shopping and dining which includes the Perimeter Mall.